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At Nush Skincare, we specialize in a wide range of aesthetic enhancement treatments to help patients achieve their best look! One of our most in-demand treatments is a form of permanent makeup, known as Microblading. Over the past few years, permanent makeup has become one of the fastest growing, most revolutionary trends to hit the aesthetics industry. Having taken the world of cosmetics by storm, permanent makeup procedures like Microblading are considered an art form – providing both men and women the cosmetic enhancement and aesthetic benefits of thicker, fuller, more well-defined eyebrows, on a semi-permanent basis. Learn more about microblading today and find out how the experts at Nush Skin Care can help you achieve the fuller, more appealing eyebrows you’ve always wanted today!


Eyelash and eyebrow treatments have become more popular than ever before and whether it’s on the pages of the latest fashion magazines, or while perusing social media, you can find women everywhere with thicker, fuller, well-contoured eyebrows that are difficult to achieve naturally. This is where the semi-permanent art of microblading comes in!
In years past, women would look towards tools like their favorite eyebrow pencil or a pair of tweezers to shape and fill in their eyebrows. And while those methods definitely still have their place, they don’t provide anywhere near the results of microblading and require daily application – costing us valuable time in the morning routine. Microblading, on the other hand, provides women with unmatched results that can last for years at a time! Learn more about this amazing procedure below.


Using the same principle as conventional tattooing, Microblading is a semi-permanent form of enhancement to bolster the appearance of the eyebrows. Similar to other forms of tattooing, we use a special microblading device (similar to a tattoo machine) to implant pigment beneath the skin’s surface. Unlike traditional tattoo artists however, microblading experts are specially trained to use extra fine, hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of the natural strands of hair that make up our natural eyebrows. They are so close in appearance that few can ever truly tell the difference, especially without up-close inspection.
In addition, the ink used in microblading (and other permanent makeup tattooing), is placed far closer to the surface than conventional tattoo ink. By doing this, it prevents any possible skin damage and makes for a much more natural look.
Once the procedure is complete, patients can expect thicker, fuller eyebrows, with far more well-defined contours and an aesthetically pleasing “arch”. The best thing about these results is that they can last anywhere from 2 to 4 years, without the need for reapplication!



Like all tattooing procedures, microblading does come with some minor discomfort. However, because the needle and the ink does not penetrate as deep as traditional tattooing, the pain is far more manageable. Many patients compare the feeling to a series of pin-pricks or pinches to the skin. In some instances, we can also provide clients with numbing cream to help minimize the pain associated with it.


The one thing to remember, is that while microblading is a minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedure, it is still very similar to conventional tattooing – therefore there are a number of important considerations to make beforehand.
Some things to avoid include:
If you are looking to achieve thicker, fuller, far more aesthetically pleasing eyebrows, be sure to contact Nush Skincare today and find out how microblading can help you!