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Anushka Imran

Founder. Located at 500 E 77th St. With the passion and experience she has had for skincare, she was able to build up unique and effective skills to best serve her client’s needs. Her approach to skincare is discovering something fast and efficient tailored to each person.

Her unwavering dedication was born to empower people to feel confident in their skin when they come to Nush Skincare. Every product and services offered at Nush Skincare are carefully chosen/tested to provide results that work Using the most recent techniques and putting together innovative skincare products that are effective, safe and unique, and works for all types of skin.

What are the benefits of a facial?

At Nush Skincare, we offer our clients a variety of different options for facials and treatments. Our specialized advanced facials allow us to combine the power of treatments and provide our patients with the specific skincare treatments they need! From providing overall skin cell turnover, and rejuvenation, to removing skin tags, exfoliating dead skin, treating broken capillaries, and much more – our advanced facials offer a variety of unique and important benefits.

Laser Hair Removal

At Nush Skincare, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of spa treatments – ensuring our clients can achieve the safest and best overall minimally-invasive aesthetic enhancement possible! One of our most popular and in-demand treatments is laser hair removal.